Consultation fees

The first consultation usually lasts around one-and-half-hours.  Follow up consultations are usually required approximately 4 weeks later and last for around 45 minutes. 

As well as the consultation itself, your fee will include the time required to review your case after the consultation to formulate a prescription. In most cases, it will also cover the cost of the prescription itself, although in some instances this may be charged separately, dependant on the type of medication prescribed.  It will also include reasonable telephone contact between appointments.


Home visits

Acute telephone consultations 





First consultation:  £75

Follow up consultations: £40  Back 


Children (up to 16)

First consultation:  £60

Follow up consultations: £35       Back 


Funding your treatment

Many Private Medical Insurance Companies cover homeopathy and recognise Homeopaths who are registered members of the Society of Homeopaths.  Back

How do I pay?

Full payment will be required at the time of consultation in the form of cash or a cheque.  All cheques must be  accompanied by a guarantee card.   I am happy to issue you with a  receipt if you need one to re-claim your consultation fees from private insurance companies.  Back                                                                                   

Home Visits
If it is not possible for you to attend a consultation for any reason, I am happy to consider making home visits.   There will be an additional charge for this to cover the time it will take for me to travel to your home.  I will assess this on an individual basis and advise you of any additional cost when you call to make an appointment.  Back 



Sometimes it might be necessary to cancel a consultation.  In such cases, 24 hours' notice should be given, so that the appointment can be re-allocated to another patient.   If a cancellation is not received, full payment will be required.  In the event of non-payment, further treatment may be withheld until payment has been made. Back

Acute telephone consultations
For patients who are already registered with the practice and currently receiving treatment, there is usually no charge for advice and prescriptions given between appointments. However, if treatment is not on-going and a patient rings for advice regarding an acute problem, there will be a charge of £15, depending on the prescription.  Back